ANFE’s Garden Maintenance Launches!

In October ANFE’s Garden Maintenance Program was unveiled to service users. This service aims to support persons to remain in their homes as long as possible. The ANFE Green initiative was well-received by clients and began to operate almost immediately, offering free quotes and a low-cost solution to outdoor tasks which can become difficult to manage alone.

With hands-on support delivered by a qualified staff member, ANFE Green’s Garden Maintenance offers a personal and high quality service. The program can provide lawnmowing, edging, weeding and more.

For more information please contact us on 8234 5550 or visit our Garden Maintenance page.

ANFE's Garden Maintenance Ute and Worker

Garden Maintenance worker Martin with the ANFE Green Ute

New vehicle joins the ANFE fleet

ANFE Vehicle

ANFE’s 8-seat Tarago – Salvatore

The tradition at ANFE is to dedicate our vehicle’s name to a person who has a link to the organization’s history. Our first five vehicles all carry the name of ANFE founder Cavaliere Ufficiale Antonio Giordano A.M. and his wife Lucy.

Life member Cavaliere Roberto Masi MBE held the position of President for over 30 years within the organization. For his dedication, he and his wife were each honoured with a vehicle named after them.

The latest addition to the fleet is named ‘Salvatore’ after Antonio Giordano’s father who was an operatic tenor.

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