ANFE Founder Antonio Giordano

Antonio Giordano

Soon after the establishment of ANFE in 1961 by Antonio Giordano, Roberto (Bob) Masi joined the organization. Bob Masi was elected President for three decades, a position he subsequently voluntarily relinquished to Alessandro Gardini. Since then, Bob has been re-elected to the position of Vice President and in 2015 still remains an ANFE Committee member and Rome Delegate.

The other founders were Mr and Mrs Pagliaro, Mr De Bono, Mr Russo, Mr Gulotta and Mr and Mrs Ubaldi.

In the early 1980’s, ANFE received their first Australian Government grants from the Department of Immigration in order to employ a welfare worker. Funding for this service continues today.

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, ANFE began to run training programs for unemployed youth, originally for young Italian women interested in employment in the aged care industry, but subsequently also for other ethnic groups. Funding for such initiatives ceased in 1992, but ANFE, through its Grant-in-Aid Worker, continued to support employment training programs conducted by other agencies for non-English speaking unemployed persons.

One such course was the Timber and Furniture Skills Upgrade Course, run by TAFE and funded by TFTI (Timber and Furniture Industries Technology Inc.) In 1991, ANFE coordinated the Multicultural Youth Project and the next year, a Western Region Community Relations project, which led to the creation of the Western Region Multicultural Youth Service.

In 1992, ANFE developed another innovative program, “DA NOI” (meaning “at our place”), a recreation and respite program for young persons with intellectual disabilities. “DA NOI” continues today as the “All Cultures Respite Options (ACRO) Program” and involves service users from a number of different ethnic groups. The program employs a part-time staff of six.

On 14th July 2001, ANFE celebrated its 40th birthday with a fundraising dinner at the Ruggerio Reception Centre. From the 2nd to the 4th of May 2003, ANFE held a national congress including a Dinner Dance at the European Convention Centre – Findon. Delegates from Queensland, Western Australia and Victoria joined South Australia to unite and strengthen the ties between branches.

In 2007 the ANFE organization needed to find alternative premises as the Italian Benevolent Foundation intended to reclaim the site at 222 Torrens Road Renown Park. Many months of effort and energy were devoted to finding new premises to accommodate our administration.

In May 2008 we moved into 711 Port Road Woodville Park while the programs operated from a number of Council and community sites in the west.

In September 2009 after almost 50 years of providing valued welfare services to the community ANFE acquired new premises at Torrensville to house the organization’s administration. A great deal of effort and dedication from the ANFE Board, staff, volunteers, members, sponsors and donors took place to allow the organization the chance to secure its own premises whilst expanding the level and quality of services provided.

ANFE in South Australia is part of an international and national body that meets every two years on a rotational basis. In 2011 it was Adelaide’s turn to host the national 3 day reunion which also coincided with the organization’s 50th Anniversary of delivering welfare services to the Italo-Australian community. Many events were organized to commemorate the Founder, Antonio Giordano, as well as acknowledge the work of staff, volunteers and supporters over the years.

In January 2012 ANFE leased a second administration on Manton Street, Hindmarsh in a collaborative effort with CO.AS.IT. Two ANFE programs operated from this site.

New expansion funding has enabled the organization to operate the Day Care Program from six separate venues in the Western Adelaide area.

Ongoing Commonwealth funding has also increased the number of services provided by the One-to-One Support Program with the inclusion of short-term dementia respite.

ANFE has been part of Radio Italiana for many years and currently runs a half-hour Italian radio program each Wednesday morning between 9.00 and 9.30am as part of keeping the Italian community informed of our services along with other relevant community services.

Our website has taken shape and will be updated regularly to create an online portal for all ANFE stakeholders along with other interested parties.

In late 2013 Teresa Dall’Acqua Leonardi OAM became ANFE President after serving as committee member, taking over from Remo Porcaro who continues on as Vice President.

All programs expanded during 2014 with a number of programs operating across four metropolitan areas.

In January 2015 the organization completed its lease at Manton Street and centralised the ANFE Fleet by moving all relevant programs and staff to a new office at Grange Road, Flinders Park whilst Head Office still operates from South Road, Torrensville.

Frances McInerney / CEO
History updated January 2015

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